Outpatient clinics and inpatient pulmonology specialty offer state-of-the-art management for disease including:
    • Disorders of breathing like asthma, COPD
    • Chronic cough from smoking related bronchitis, bronchiectesis
    • Interstital lung disease, sarcoidosis, occupational lung disease, pulmonary hypertension
    • Curative treatment for tuberculosis, pleurisy, pleural effusion, pneumonia
    • Early diagnosis and treatment for lung cancer
    • Respiratory emergencies like acute asthma, respiratory failure, pulmonary embolism, pneumothorax
    • Allergy and related disorders
    • Sleep related problems like snoring, sleep apnoea
    • Smoking cessation and Breathe Easy Clinic
    • Comprehensive pulmonary rehabilitation program for chronic and advanced lung diseases
    Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT Lab)
    • Complete lung function testing including spirometery, lung volumes, diffusion (DLCO), airway resistance
    • Cardio pulmonary metabolic stress testing, 6 minute walk testing
    • Allergic skin testing and immunotherapy
    • For asthma and allergies
    • Respiratory Critical Care Unit
    • State-of-the-art ICU equipped with the most advanced ventilators and monitoring systems.
     Feno (Exhaled Nitrite Oxide test)